What is your approach in working with couples?

I am specializing in emotionally focused therapy (EFT) as the main tool to help couples strengthen their bond and resolve their issues. What we normally look for in EFT is the problematic cycle or pattern that the couples repeatedly get caught in. By identifying the cycle and learning to create emotional safety, couples will be empowered to communicate in new ways.

How long does couple therapy take?

EFT is a short term approach which normally takes 12 to 20 sessions depending on the intensity of the issues. I can appreciate that therapy might seem expensive but how can you determine a price for the well-being of your relationship?

How long is each session?

Every session is either 50 or 75 minutes depending on our initial agreement.

How often would I initially come for therapy?

Initially I recommend weekly sessions but if you are dealing with a crisis additional sessions might be an option in the beginning.

Do the effects of therapy last after therapy sessions end?

Studies show that the effects of EFT last long after the therapy sessions end and that is to be expected because EFT revolutionizes the way you handle distress in your relationship.

What is the success rate of couple therapy?

EFT is an empirically validated approach with a success rate of 70% or higher.