Couples and Family therapy

Do you feel like you don’t know your partner anymore?

Do you feel like you’re trying everything to connect, but nothing seems to work?

Do you feel your partner doesn’t understand you?

Do you want a closer connection with your partner?

You don’t have to go through this pain anymore. I want to help you learn how to manage this relational stress, rebuild your bond with your partner and  have the relationship you want.

Don’t Know how to Start?

You might have been trying everything to fix your relationship without any success or fulfilling results. You might feel hopeless about the future of your relationship and thinking about separation or divorce. Couples counseling can help you gain new understanding of your relationship and empower you to communicate in new ways. Counseling can help you find solutions to old problems, resulting in a closer and more fulfilling relationship.

Ask yourself:

Is our relationship worth saving?

Are we ready to invest in the well being of our relationship?

Are we willing to make the effort to work on our relationship?

Are we willing to trust in the process and give therapy a chance?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are on your way to make many positive changes happen. The next step is to call me.

EFT Emotionally focused therapy for couples


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a rather new approach to couples therapy, which is based on attachment theory. Research indicates that the rate of success in this type of therapy is around 75 % or higher. 

This approach does not just help couples with their communication skills, but also targets the emotional bond between two people and how safe and secure they feel. First, the negative cycle that couples get into is identified and explored in detail. Then the couples learn to communicate in new ways that deescalates their negative interaction cycle. Couples experience new ways of being together, which strengthens their emotional bond and brings back the spark in their relationship.

As a clinician who is specializing in EFT, I find this approach very powerful in helping couples rebuild their connection and enjoy being in love. It is so amazing to witness that love is not as ephemeral as we thought before, and can be reignited. If you feel distressed, distanced and confused in your relationship or simply want to feel more secure with your partner,give me a call. 

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